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What the heck is a Thumbjamz anyway?

Posted by Chad Mills on

USB technology has been around for what feels like forever it seems, with everyone from college students to busy doctors alike storing tons of important information on these small, convenient drives.

For non-tech savvy individuals, here’s the simple explanation for what a USB actually does…

A USB (Universal Serial Bus) connects a plethora of external devices using one standard interface or port. 

Now, in #NerdSpeak, the benefit of a USB is that it provides a uniquely viable hardware platform for electronic manufacturers to expand the features of common devices.

For those of us who aren’t fluent in #NerdSpeak and prefer #PlainEnglish...


A USB is for connecting stuff to other stuff!


 Pretty simple, right? Specifically, here’s some examples of how this works…


  1. Printers
  2. Having additional storage (i.e. external CD/DVD drives, Hard Disk Drives, etc.)
  3. Portable chargers & cables

So, I’m guessing you’re probably familiar with the examples above. But, what if USBs could be used for so much more? What if… USBs could not only just connect your stuff to your other stuff, but actually function as your own personal music library, complete with both your music and mixtapes from some of the biggest names in the industry?

Here’s where Thumbjamz comes in… 


We give consumers the ability to store both their PERSONAL COLLECTION of SONGS & ALBUMS plus our COMPLIMENTARY "preloaded" mixtapes on a "portable" device, which can plug directly into a PC, Tablet, smartphone, or any car with an available USB port!

ThumbJAMZ makes it super easy to bring along both your music and favorite artists + hit songs, wherever you go!

Here’s a Special Sneak Peek of What’s to Come for Thumbjamz… 


SPRING 2020 

We will relaunch our digital streaming service 360 Live, which gives customers the ability to subscribe to their favorite "mixtape curator" (or local DJ) for ONLY $.99 monthly (FREE from May - June 15th 2020) DJs and artists will upload mixtapes regularly and subscribers will receive smartphone notification INSTANTLY once a mixtape is uploaded. From there, subscribers will be able to listen UNLIMITED & COMMERCIAL FREE. That’s right! No commercials interruptions.





Our FREE application software, Thumbjamz Commander, will launch to the public and allow for seamless management of both your music library and your exclusive complimentary mixtapes via online or a smartphone.


FALL 2021

The Official launch of Thumbjamz ELITEwhich offers content creators (DJs, Producers, Artists, Celebrities, and other Notable figures in the music industry) the ability to actually share in the revenue generated from the platform (40%-50% of subscription fees) by creating and managing their online presence. What’s more, content creators will in turn be able to establish a fan base within an entirely new medium! #GAMECHANGER


 The DJs promote themselves via a vanity url (ala a Myspace type axiom, such as > which allows for direct subscriptions/access to free mixtapes.

From commercial free, unlimited streaming and unbelievably affordable monthly pricing for consumers, to access to a new audience and the opportunity to develop a fan base, while getting paid… everybody wins with ThumbJAMZ!

So, now that you know what the essence of ) is / will be.... won’t you come along for the ride? It’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the music industry before…

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